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Æther Tide (Aether Tide) Alarum Anaconda Angel's Mercy Armored Pegasus Back to Basics Bestial Menace Bribery Catastrophe Civic Guildmage Clear Dauthi Embrace Dauthi Marauder Death Speakers Destructive Urge Dracoplasm Drain Life Flare Glimpse the Future Heat Stroke Hidden Herd Hivis of the Scale Howling Banshee Hurricane Jwari Scuttler Lightning Hounds Lure of Prey Mind Games Noetic Scales Pendrell Flux Pendrell Mists Pillarfield Ox Power Sink Pulse Tracker Quickening Licid Ray of Command Reclaim Root Greevil Sabertooth Cobra Scabland Seascape Aerialist See Beyond Somnophore Soul Net Swamp Thada Adel, Acquisitor Thalakos Deceiver Thalakos Drifters Thalakos Sentry Torch Slinger Veiled Apparition Vengeance Viashino Sandstalker Warren Instigator Zirilan of the Claw
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