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Aegis of the Heavens Ambuscade Shaman Back from the Brink Banshee of the Dread Choir Beastcaller Savant Blessed Light Blood Baron of Vizkopa Bloodlust Inciter Brago's Representative Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder Burning Anger Call of the Conclave Captain's Claws Captivating Gyre Cleansing Ray Contagion Clasp Creeping Dread Culling Dais Cultivate Custodi Peacekeeper Disappearing Act Disciple of the Old Ways Disinformation Campaign Dragon Mantle Dread Presence Drownyard Explorers Elgaud Shieldmate Ember-Eye Wolf Enraged Giant Entourage of Trest Executioner's Hood Fan Bearer Field Creeper Firedrinker Satyr Fresh-Faced Recruit Friendly Fire Frightful Delusion Geist Trappers Ghitu Chronicler Glaring Aegis Groundskeeper Gyre Engineer Heartless Summoning Helm of the Gods Hollow One Infernal Offering Insidious Will Kalastria Healer Kolaghan Skirmisher Madcap Skills Mass Manipulation Mist-Cloaked Herald Mortify Night Incarnate Oketra's Avenger Ornamental Courage Pithing Needle Pterodon Knight Public Execution Repeal Resolute Archangel Rise to the Challenge Salt Road Quartermasters Scorchwalker Seekers' Squire Sentinel Totem Serra Ascendant Settle Beyond Reality Show of Valor Silent Artisan Sinister Possession Siren of the Silent Song Skyknight Legionnaire Slayer of the Wicked Soul of the Rapids Sultai Scavenger Sylvan Messenger Tajic, Legion's Edge Tormentor's Trident Tragic Poet Vicious Offering Wayward Servant Woodcutter's Grit
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