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Araba Mothrider Aven Fateshaper Blessed Wind Blister Beetle Blitz Hellion Bloodfire Infusion Burning-Eye Zubera Canopy Crawler Chameleon Blur Charmed Pendant Cinder Wall Circular Logic Contested Cliffs Cryptic Annelid Cytospawn Shambler Dawn Elemental Night // Day (Day) Life // Death (Death) Diabolic Vision Divine Intervention Dread Slag Earth Elemental Elemental Elemental Augury Elephant Ambush Elfhame Palace Epicenter Farrel's Mantle Faultgrinder Ferocious Charge Firewake Sliver Flock of Rabid Sheep Fold into Æther (Fold into Aether) Forest Gorilla Shaman Graven Cairns Hail of Arrows Hazy Homunculus Heartwood Storyteller Hoofprints of the Stag Hystrodon Infected Vermin Island Kamahl's Summons Kashi-Tribe Reaver Kathari Remnant Knowledge Vault Life // Death (Life) Life Chisel Living Hive Martyrs' Tomb Mistform Skyreaver Mistform Ultimus Momentary Blink Morselhoarder Mortivore Mountain Mycosynth Lattice Night // Day (Night) Nim Grotesque Ooze Garden Opaline Bracers Overmaster Peer Through Depths Petals of Insight Petrahydrox Pious Kitsune Pit Keeper Plains Primitive Justice Quicksilver Behemoth Reach Through Mists Rockshard Elemental Root Elemental Sea Eagle Seed the Land Sewn-Eye Drake Shield of Duty and Reason Shimian Specter Siege of Towers Sift Through Sands Smokebraider Soul Exchange Spindrift Drake Sprout Squirrel Nest Stag Beetle Stalking Vengeance Steam Vines Surging Æther (Surging Aether) Swamp Tar Fiend Thran Weaponry Threads of Disloyalty Thundercloud Elemental Time Elemental Treetop Village Utopia Mycon Vigean Hydropon Wall of Mulch

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