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Akuta, Born of Ash Assault // Battery (Assault) Avarice Totem Assault // Battery (Battery) Blood Celebrant Bottle Gnomes Cabal Shrine Captain's Maneuver Chainer's Edict Chromescale Drake Daru Mender Defy Gravity Dega Sanctuary Dust Bowl Early Frost Edgewalker Elvish Eulogist Farsight Mask Flame Rift Flash of Insight Flowstone Crusher Goblin Digging Team Halberdier Hallowed Healer Hankyu Hired Giant Hissing Miasma Infest Island Jade Idol Kashi-Tribe Elite Latulla's Orders Llanowar Dead Long-Term Plans Lost in Thought March of the Machines Masako the Humorless Master Decoy Mindstorm Crown Mistbind Clique Mistform Sliver Myr Adapter Noxious Vapors Orcish Oriflamme Overabundance Parallel Thoughts Patriarch's Bidding Patron of the Kitsune Plagiarize Plains Pollen Remedy Razorfoot Griffin Samite Sanctuary Serum Visions Shining Shoal Silent-Chant Zubera Sinstriker's Will Slay Staff of Domination Starlit Sanctum Stone Rain Surestrike Trident Swelter Tattoo Ward Thirst for Knowledge Touch and Go Volcanic Hammer Wax // Wane (Wane) Wax // Wane (Wax) Whipgrass Entangler
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