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Asinine Antics Brainstealer Dragon Capricious Sliver Caustic Bronco Cragsmasher Yeti Hezrou (Demonic Stench) Emrakul, the World Anew Falcon Abomination Froghemoth Gila Courser Hezrou Jyoti, Moag Ancient Kozilek, the Broken Reality Linebreaker Baloth Nightdrinker Moroii Omarthis, Ghostfire Initiate Orochi Merge-Keeper Overclocked Electromancer Riftburst Hellion Shivan Devastator Slime Against Humanity Spitebellows Stormchaser Drake Streetwise Negotiator Sugar Rush The Pride of Hull Clade Twinshot Sniper Ulvenwald Behemoth Ulvenwald Oddity Underdark Basilisk Undersimplify Vulpine Harvester Water Weird
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