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Alpha Myr Anurid Murkdiver Aquastrand Spider Auriok Steelshaper Bile Urchin Birchlore Rangers Bonesplitter Sliver Cautery Sliver Charge Across the Araba Clearwater Goblet Convolute Coretapper Creeping Mold Daring Apprentice Daru Cavalier Daru Healer Drowned Rusalka Exotic Curse Flame Fusillade Flying Carpet Forbidden Orchard Forked-Branch Garami Gempalm Polluter Hill Giant Keeper of the Sacred Word Kindle the Carnage Locket of Yesterdays Mistform Seaswift Mourning Thrull Myr Moonvessel Needlepeak Spider Nightguard Patrol Ogre Taskmaster Omega Myr Oracle's Attendants Orb of Dreams Pearlspear Courier Pentarch Ward Perilous Research Pillar of the Paruns Rite of Flame Ritual of Restoration Scroll of Origins Severed Legion Shrieking Grotesque Simic Initiate Skinthinner Starved Rusalka Stifle Tidespout Tyrant Time of Need Timesifter Tunnel Vision Two-Headed Sliver Viashino Bladescout Warbreak Trumpeter
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