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Alpha Status Ambush Commander Ana Disciple Arcbound Stinger Arcbound Worker Aurochs Herd Battering Wurm Battlefield Forge Beloved Chaplain Bonesplitter Boros Garrison Calciform Pools Castigate Cease-Fire Chameleon Colossus Circle of Protection: White Citadel of Pain Coalition Flag Colfenor's Plans Conjurer's Bauble Crash Landing Crazed Goblin Defender of the Order Desperate Ritual Detainment Spell Devoted Druid Disrupting Scepter Disruptive Pitmage Dragon Scales Dragon Wings Drake Familiar Dusk Urchins Elven Riders Evacuation Everglove Courier Fangren Hunter Far Wanderings Forcemage Advocate Forest Garza Zol, Plague Queen Gilt-Leaf Seer Goblin Cohort Gorgon Recluse Hit // Run (Hit) Hokori, Dust Drinker Iizuka the Ruthless Immobilizing Ink Indestructibility Island Kami of the Crescent Moon Knowledge Exploitation Kor Haven Lava Dart Leonin Abunas Lifted by Clouds Loyal Gyrfalcon Makeshift Mannequin Mausoleum Turnkey Morsel Theft Mother of Goons Mountain Multani's Harmony Nantuko Cultivator Night Dealings Nomad Mythmaker Nostalgic Dreams Nullmage Advocate One Dozen Eyes Oracle of Mul Daya Phyrexian Infiltrator Pinpoint Avalanche Price of Glory Rewards of Diversity Rogue Kavu Rorix Bladewing Hit // Run (Run) Sakura-Tribe Scout Samite Ministration Shifting Sliver Shinen of Fear's Chill Slipstream Serpent Soul of Magma Sturdy Hatchling Sunforger Sylvan Shepherd Takeno's Cavalry Tel-Jilad Stylus Terramorph Three Tragedies Totem Speaker Tresserhorn Sinks Vedalken Mastermind Viridian Lorebearers Wayfarer's Bauble Whiptail Moloch Wirewood Hivemaster Working Stiff

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