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Air Elemental Armed Response Armored Galleon Blinding Beam Booby Trap Boros Swiftblade Cheatyface Confound Corpulent Corpse Crash Crystal Shard Elvish Archers Enraging Licid Gerrymandering Goblin Cannon Goblin Machinist Goblin War Wagon Granite Shard Heartwood Shard Iron-Barb Hellion Leonin Scimitar Magical Hacker No Quarter Oblation Pariah's Shield Pearl Shard Phyrexian Grimoire Power Armor Purify Ray of Revelation Rebound Riptide Replicator Saprazzan Outrigger Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII Searing Rays Skeleton Shard Skirk Prospector Skyshroud Condor Slumbering Tora Spell Counter Sphere of Resistance Spontaneous Combustion Stone Rain Storm Cauldron Swamp Thopter Squadron Tidal Surge Wormfang Newt
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