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Agility Angry Mob Arnjlot's Ascent Ashes to Ashes Basal Sliver Blowfly Infestation Cave People Chaos Moon Charcoal Diamond City in a Bottle Clockwork Beast Curse of Chains Dandân Dark Banishing Deathbringer Liege Decomposition Dream Fighter Dust to Dust Earthlore Eternity Snare Exorcist Flare Fumarole Game of Chaos Goblin Caves Gravebind Grazing Kelpie Harmattan Efreet High Tide Holy Light Hungry Spriggan Hurr Jackal Icatian Infantry Icatian Moneychanger Icatian Priest Infernal Denizen Leshrac's Sigil Light of Day Merseine Mind Whip Murk Dwellers Musician Necrite Night Soil People of the Woods Plateau Power Leak Psychotic Episode Repentant Blacksmith Total War Vertigo Viscid Lemures Warmth Winds of Rath Ydwen Efreet