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Akroma's Vengeance Anarchist Aven Flock Aven Windreader Bomb Squad Braidwood Cup Breath of Darigaaz Bridge from Below Bubbling Muck Cabal Ritual Ceta Disciple Order // Chaos (Chaos) Cho-Manno, Revolutionary Circle of Protection: Blue Circle of Solace Convalescent Care Corrupt Official Crossbow Infantry Custody Battle Death Pits of Rath Deepwood Elder Demoralize Downhill Charge Druid's Call Dwarven Patrol Eager Cadet Elvish Guidance Elvish Lookout Epic Struggle Equal Treatment Fiery Temper Final Fortune Forced March Goblin Warchief Healing Salve Hulking Ogre Knighthood Leaf Dancer Llanowar Vanguard Loafing Giant Master Healer Moonlit Wake Noble Stand Order // Chaos (Order) Piper's Melody Powerstone Minefield Pretender's Claim Reclaim Relentless Assault Reveille Squad Savage Offensive Sigil of Sleep Silkenfist Order Simplify Skirk Fire Marshal Strength of Lunacy Strongarm Tactics Stronghold Gambit Sudden Impact Sulam Djinn Sway of Illusion Teroh's Faithful Teroh's Vanguard Tormented Angel Trenching Steed Vodalian Zombie War Tax Wave of Indifference Weathered Wayfarer Withering Hex
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