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Akoum Hellhound Blightbeetle Bloodthirsty Blade Bulette Cinder Hellion Cold-Water Snapper Colossapede Crackling Emergence Deepglow Skate Dreadlight Monstrosity Drownyard Behemoth Fertile Ground Fraying Sanity Garrison Griffin Ghoulsteed Gorion, Wise Mentor Harmonize Hightide Hermit Hour of Reckoning Implement of Ferocity Kessig Dire Swine Lambholt Harrier Lizard Blades Loam Larva Lux Artillery Open Fire Raise the Palisade Release the Dogs Rushed Rebirth Saddleback Lagac Sinuous Vermin Soaring Drake Spikeshot Goblin Talisman of Conviction The Gitrog Monster Thought Sponge Trufflesnout Uncaged Fury Zenith Seeker
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