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Alpine Houndmaster Arcane Adaptation Barge In Bat- Capture Sphere Cindervines Component Collector Court Cleric Crafty Octopus Crash the Ramparts Crashing Drawbridge Diligent Excavator Discovery // Dispersal (Discovery) Discovery // Dispersal (Dispersal) Dispossess Etherium Spinner Finders, Keepers Flummoxed Cyclops Gempalm Incinerator Goblin Locksmith Graveyard Marshal Grothama, All-Devouring Hired Blade Humming- Inner Demon Khorvath's Fury Kindly Cognician Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin Lavabelly Sliver Lawmage's Binding Luminous Bonds Magmatic Sinkhole Mer Man Polyraptor Queen's Commission Ramunap Excavator Slimebind Smothering Tithe Sparring Construct Teacher's Pet

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