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Akron Legionnaire Ali from Cairo Ambush Party Amnesia Ancestral Recall Ancestral Vision Apocalypse Chime Arctic Foxes Artifact Blast Ashnod's Battle Gear Balance Balduvian Barbarians Barbed Foliage Birds of Paradise Black Poplar Shaman Boggart Sprite-Chaser Bring to Light Bronze Horse Burrowing Cancel Cathedral of Serra Chromatic Armor City of Brass Commander's Sphere Concordant Crossroads Counterspell Courier Hawk Crop Rotation Crusade Death Ward Dimir Aqueduct Dwarven Ruins Dwarven Weaponsmith Ebon Stronghold Echo Storm Elite Javelineer Elven Fortress Elvish Hunter Elvish Scout Empyrial Storm Eternal Flame Exploration Eye for an Eye Farmstead Fastbond Fear Festival Foratog Forest Foul Orchard Fowl Play Fraction Jackson Fury Storm Gaea's Touch Gemstone Mine Genesis Storm Goblin Ski Patrol Great Defender Halls of Mist Havenwood Battleground Heroism Howl from Beyond Howling Mine Illusionary Wall Incinerate Indestructible Aura Island Island Sanctuary Jedit Ojanen Jump Jungle Patrol Kelsinko Ranger King Suleiman Kjeldoran Frostbeast Kjeldoran Skycaptain Kjeldoran Skyknight Kjeldoran Warrior Knight of Stromgald Kudzu Lady Evangela Laughing Hyena Library of Alexandria Mardu Shadowspear Marhault Elsdragon Márton Stromgald Martyrdom Mesa Falcon Mishra's Factory Morale Mountain Natural Selection Nightshade Stinger Nurturing Licid Painted Bluffs Panharmonicon Parapet Path of Ancestry Phantasmal Forces Piety Plains
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