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Accessories to Murder Anthem of Rakdos Arsenal Thresher Balefire Liege Ballyrush Banneret Bewilder Bloodspore Thrinax Boggart Birth Rite Boseiju, Who Shelters All Bosk Banneret Boulderfall Brighthearth Banneret Controlled Instincts Creeperhulk Cruel Ultimatum Deadly Poison Sampler Desecration Plague Dictation Quillograph Dispatch Dispensary Elvish Branchbender Endure Faerie Aerie Fathom Seer Fire-Lit Thicket Fishliver Oil Fistful of Force Frogtosser Banneret Frozen Solid Furystoke Giant Gate Hound Glamerdye Hillcomber Giant Howling Mine Hurkyl's Recall Hypnotic Swirly Disc Insufferable Syphon Intimidator Initiate Krovikan Scoundrel Martyr of Ashes Mistveil Plains Nine-Ringed Bo Nylea's Presence Ocular Halo Phoebe, Head of S.N.E.A.K. Predator's Howl Rag Dealer Reminisce Seal of Doom Seal of Fire Seeds of Strength Shields of Velis Vel Steady Aim Stonybrook Banneret Stormcrag Elemental Stormscale Anarch Strip Bare Teferi's Time Twist Terra Ravager Thick-Skinned Goblin Thopter Foundry Top-Secret Tunnel Twiddlestick Charger Twisted Justice Veinfire Borderpost Veteran Armorer Viscera Dragger Wolfcaller's Howl