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Act of Treason Aetherstorm Roc Alley Evasion Ancestral Blade Angelic Field Marshal Aven Reedstalker Banewhip Punisher Battlefield Promotion Benefactor's Draught Bishop's Soldier Breakneck Berserker Brinebarrow Intruder Brood Keeper Burn Bright Call the Cavalry Dark Bargain Dark Deal Deadly Visit Dispersal Technician Drannith Healer Dryad of the Ilysian Grove Dubious Challenge Eagle of the Watch Expedition Map Forebear's Blade Forest Fortifying Provisions Ghirapur Guide Gray Merchant of Asphodel Heart-Piercer Manticore Heroic Reinforcements Imperial Outrider Inkling Summoning Inspiring Veteran Jungleborn Pioneer Kolaghan Stormsinger Llanowar Tribe Malakir Blood-Priest Maulfist Revolutionary Meteorite Mimic Mind Carver Mirage Phalanx Moodmark Painter Nimbleclaw Adept Opposition Agent Owlbear Shepherd Patch Up Persistent Specimen Prismatic Lens Revolutionist Reyav, Master Smith Rigo, Streetwise Mentor Roots Salt Road Patrol Secure the Wastes Sergeant-at-Arms Setessan Oathsworn Setessan Training Speakeasy Server Sphinx's Insight Stalwart Aven Stinging Shot Storm Fleet Spy Swaggering Corsair Thornhide Wolves Touch of Moonglove Track Down Treasure Chest Tribute Mage Windfall

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