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Angelic Edict Ant Queen Ball Lightning Barrage of Expendables Bloodpyre Elemental Bonescythe Sliver Burning Oil Chain Reaction Chaos Warp Consuming Vapors Demonic Rising Diffusion Sliver Drag Down Drainpipe Vermin Drastic Revelation Forced Adaptation Gatecreeper Vine Gluttonous Slime Goblin Outlander Grixis Grimblade Hellion Crucible Manaweft Sliver Mnemonic Wall Morbid Bloom Mycoid Shepherd Necrogenesis Nest Invader Nylea's Disciple Ogre Slumlord Savage Hunger Scavenger Drake Shoal Serpent Spawning Breath Suffer the Past Tanglesap Thallid Thorncaster Sliver Vapor Snare Volcanic Submersion Warmonger Hellkite
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