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Agadeem Occultist Arcbound Slith Blazing Torch Branching Bolt Breath of Malfegor Broodmate Dragon Burden of Greed Burst Lightning Call to the Netherworld Centaur Courser Cloven Casting Cutthroat il-Dal Death Rattle Demon of Death's Gate Devouring Greed Devouring Rage Dispel Flesh Allergy Flowstone Embrace Forest Herald of Torment Jund Battlemage Last Kiss Liliana's Specter Marshaling Cry Mnemonic Wall Nessian Courser Nether Traitor Nightmare Oracle of Mul Daya Otherworldly Journey Polluted Delta Repay in Kind Retaliate Rise from the Grave Savage Lands Shard Convergence Skyhunter Prowler Spell Pierce Sudden Shock Swamp Tendrils of Corruption Test of Faith Tukatongue Thallid Vengeful Rebirth Verdant Catacombs Wall of Tanglecord Word of Seizing
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