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Æther Flash (Aether Flash) Air Elemental Amphibious Kavu Andradite Leech Artificer's Intuition Austere Command Aven Shrine Balshan Griffin Battle-Mad Ronin Battlewise Aven Beetleback Chief Betrayal of Flesh Boros Fury-Shield Brightstone Ritual Cephalid Shrine Chamber of Manipulation Counterbore Crafty Pathmage Crown of Suspicion Cryptic Command Dance with Devils Darkthicket Wolf Deluge Devils' Playground Devouring Swarm Dewdrop Spy Disciple of Kangee Diviner's Wand Doubling Chant Dreamwinder Earth Rift Ebonblade Reaper Eiganjo Castle Ember Beast Enlistment Officer Essence Fracture Exoskeletal Armor Faces of the Past Fate Transfer Fervor Ghostly Prison Goblin Trenches Golgari Rotwurm Grim Reminder Gulf Squid Heliophial Hisoka's Guard Hundroog Hunting Drake Hysterical Blindness Incendiary Command Karplusan Minotaur Karplusan Yeti Kavu Howler Kessig Cagebreakers Kessig Wolf Knight of the Holy Nimbus Krosan Groundshaker Leonin Shikari Lim-Dûl's Vault Machinate Magma Sliver Martyr of Frost Memory Sluice Mire Kavu Mogg War Marshal Moldervine Cloak Moonglove Changeling Moriok Rigger Nephalia Seakite Oblivion Ring Paradise Plume Petravark Phantom Nantuko Phantom Whelp Predatory Rampage Primal Command Prismwake Merrow Privileged Position Profane Command Psionic Sliver Pulse of the Grid Pulse of the Tangle Putrid Imp Righteousness Scaled Wurm Slinking Serpent Soratami Mirror-Guard Soul Spike Spawnbroker Spectral Gateguards Stone-Tongue Basilisk Stony Silence Sylvok Explorer Symbiotic Elf Tempest of Light Temporal Eddy Tidal Courier Titanic Bulvox Trench Wurm
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