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Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor Aggressive Urge Arcbound Bruiser Arcbound Wanderer Archmage Ascension Assembled Alphas Aven Fisher Aven Tactician Azorius Guildmage Battle Hurda Bazaar of Baghdad Bazaar Trademage Black Knight Blackmail Blessed Reversal Blood Ogre Bloodstoke Howler Boar Umbra Boil Boldwyr Intimidator Bringer of the Red Dawn Bull Rush Butcher Ghoul Castle Raptors Celestial Gatekeeper Cerodon Yearling Chain Lightning Champion of Lambholt Chandra's Outrage Chemister's Trick Chimney Imp Chorus of Might Cloudthresher Compulsion Confiscate Copper-Leaf Angel Corpse Lunge Crab Umbra Crawling Sensation Crown of Flames Crush of Wurms Cultbrand Cinder Curse of Stalked Prey Curse of Thirst Night // Day (Day) Deep-Sea Kraken Deepwater Hypnotist Deny Existence Divert Divine Light Dizzy Spell Do or Die Electropotence Elvish Warrior Expunge Felidar Umbra Fireshrieker Fledgling Griffin Fodder Cannon Forest Fortify Fortune Thief Foundry Hornet Frontline Strategist Frostwielder Gavony Unhallowed Gilt-Leaf Palace Glint-Nest Crane Gnarlroot Trapper Goblin Firebug Goblin Grappler Goblin Lackey Gratuitous Violence Great Hart Griffin Protector Grim Discovery Guardians' Pledge Guilty Conscience Healer of the Pride Hidden Guerrillas Higure, the Still Wind Horned Troll Humble Budoka Hunt Down Hypochondria Illuminate Imperial Mask Indrik Umbra Infectious Rage Infernal Caretaker Ink-Treader Nephilim Inner Fire Invasive Species Ironfang Isamaru, Hound of Konda Isao, Enlightened Bushi Island Jeweled Spirit Just the Wind Kavu Aggressor
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