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Absorb Identity Abzan Skycaptain Act of Treason Aerie Bowmasters Agent of the Fates Aggravate Ajani's Sunstriker Alibou, Ancient Witness Allied Reinforcements Amass the Components Architects of Will Archon of Sun's Grace Armored Wolf-Rider Avalanche Tusker Basri's Lieutenant Bastion Enforcer Battlegrace Angel Beast Whisperer Bishop of Wings Bloodshot Trainee Blunt the Assault Burning-Fist Minotaur Cathar's Call Celestial Archon Charity Extractor Cobbled Wings Creepy Doll Crush Cyclops of Eternal Fury Delver of Secrets Divination Dromoka Captain Druidic Satchel Dualcaster Mage Dungrove Elder Dynacharge Echo Mage Echoing Return Edgewall Innkeeper Elvish Clancaller Emeria Captain Emeria, Shattered Skyclave Emeria's Call Esper Stormblade Excommunicate Facet Reader Failed Inspection Fall of the Gavel Fanatic of Mogis Fathom Fleet Captain Fervent Paincaster Fleetfeather Cockatrice Force of Will Forest Gateway Sneak General Ferrous Rokiric Gift of Immortality Gilded Cerodon Gleam of Resistance Gremlin Mine Gruesome Deformity Halimar Wavewatch Happily Ever After Honored Hierarch Hooded Assassin Horizon Seeker Hornet Sting Howling Chorus Humble Naturalist Hunters' Feast Ichor Rats Icingdeath, Frost Tyrant Insatiable Harpy Insectile Aberration Invincible Hymn Jungle Creeper Knight of the Skyward Eye Knight Watch Knightly Valor Knotvine Paladin Kor Firewalker Krothuss, Lord of the Deep Lambholt Elder Lavastep Raider Lost in the Woods Loxodon Partisan Makindi Aeronaut Makindi Sliderunner Mana Crypt Manic Scribe Manor Gargoyle Marchesa, the Black Rose Marshal's Anthem Master of Predicaments Master Trinketeer Maulfist Squad Midnight Haunting Mindwrack Demon Mission Briefing Mystic Barrier

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