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Ajani's Aid Akroma, Angel of Fury Akroma, Angel of Wrath Aku Djinn Angel of Jubilation Arc Mage Back to Basics Bad River Barrin's Spite Basandra, Battle Seraph Blast of Genius Blessed Orator Bogardan Firefiend Boon Reflection Brainwash Call of the Conclave Call to Mind Catapult Master Charisma Chill of Foreboding Choke Circle of Protection: Artifacts Clockwork Steed Conclave Equenaut Control Magic Curse of Misfortunes Darksteel Pendant Death's Approach Deeptread Merrow Delirium Delusions of Mediocrity Descendants' Path Despise Dictate of Heliod Diplomatic Immunity Dismember Disorder Divine Offering Dryad Militant Echo of Eons Elder of Laurels Elvish Ranger Energy Arc Enslaved Dwarf Enter the Infinite Ertai, Wizard Adept Essence of the Wild Essence Warden Eternal Witness Ethereal Champion Excavation Fact or Fiction Faerie Trickery Fecundity Force of Will Foresight Forest Frogmite Full Moon's Rise Gaea's Skyfolk Galvanic Bombardment Garruk Wildspeaker Giant Growth Glorious Anthem Grotesque Hybrid Guiding Spirit Hanna, Ship's Navigator Head Games Heart of Bogardan Heroes' Reunion Heroic Defiance Hidden Retreat Holy Strength Honor the Fallen Hunter's Insight Imagecrafter Immerwolf Infernal Tribute Infested Roothold Intimidation Island Ivy Dancer Ixidron Jilt Jukai Messenger Kavu Monarch Keening Apparition Keeper of the Flame Kindercatch King Cheetah Kird Ape Kodama's Might Lay Waste Legacy Weapon Ley Line Life from the Loam Lifelink Liliana Vess Loxodon Punisher Loxodon Warhammer
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