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Aethersnipe Akroan Crusader All Is Dust Ancestor's Chosen Ancient Tomb Angel of Despair Angelic Renewal Anger Appetite for Brains Apprentice Necromancer Archaeomancer Arena Athlete Artisan of Kozilek Back to Basics Balefire Dragon Basking Rootwalla Beckon Apparition Become Immense Bitterblossom Blast of Genius Bloodflow Connoisseur Boar Umbra Boneyard Wurm Brawn Brazen Scourge Bridge from Below Buried Alive Canker Abomination Cathodion Cavern of Souls Celestial Colonnade Chainer's Edict Circular Logic Conflagrate Containment Priest Conviction Countersquall Creeping Tar Pit Crow of Dark Tidings Crushing Canopy Dakmor Salvage Dark Dabbling Dark Depths Dawn Charm Daybreak Coronet Death Denied Defy Gravity Demonic Tutor Deranged Assistant Desolate Lighthouse Desperate Ritual Devoted Druid Dig Through Time Dimir Guildmage Disrupting Shoal Double Cleave Dreamscape Artist Eel Umbra Eldrazi Conscription Emancipation Angel Emrakul, the Aeons Torn Engineered Explosives Entomb Eternal Witness Faithless Looting Faith's Fetters Fauna Shaman Fecundity Fiend Hunter Fiery Temper Fire // Ice (Fire) Firewing Phoenix Flagstones of Trokair Flight of Fancy Foil Forbidden Alchemy Frantic Search Fulminator Mage Fume Spitter Furnace Celebration Gaddock Teeg Gamble Garna, the Bloodflame Generator Servant Ghoulcaller's Accomplice Ghoulsteed Glen Elendra Archmage Gods Willing Golgari Brownscale Golgari Charm Golgari Grave-Troll Golgari Thug Goryo's Vengeance Grave Scrabbler Grave Strength Groundskeeper Gurmag Angler Heap Doll Heliod's Pilgrim Hero of Iroas
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