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Abyssal Hunter Acidic Dagger Afiya Grove Afterlife Agility Alarum Aleatory Amber Prison Amulet of Unmaking Ancestral Memories Armor of Thorns Armorer Guildmage Ashen Powder Asmira, Holy Avenger Auspicious Ancestor Azimaet Drake Bad River Barbed Foliage Barbed-Back Wurm Barreling Attack Basalt Golem Bay Falcon Bazaar of Wonders Benevolent Unicorn Benthic Djinn Binding Agony Blighted Shaman Blind Fury Blinding Light Blistering Barrier Bone Harvest Bone Mask Boomerang Breathstealer Brushwagg Builder's Bane Burning Palm Efreet Burning Shield Askari Cadaverous Bloom Cadaverous Knight Canopy Dragon Carrion Catacomb Dragon Celestial Dawn Cerulean Wyvern Chaos Charm Chaosphere Charcoal Diamond Chariot of the Sun Choking Sands Cinder Cloud Circle of Despair Civic Guildmage Cloak of Invisibility Consuming Ferocity Coral Fighters Crash of Rhinos Crimson Hellkite Crimson Roc Crypt Cobra Crystal Golem Crystal Vein Cursed Totem Cycle of Life Daring Apprentice Dark Banishing Dark Ritual Dazzling Beauty Decomposition Delirium Dirtwater Wraith Discordant Spirit Disempower Disenchant Dissipate Divine Offering Divine Retribution Drain Life Dread Specter Dream Cache Dream Fighter Dwarven Miner Dwarven Nomad Early Harvest Ebony Charm Ekundu Cyclops Ekundu Griffin Elixir of Vitality Emberwilde Caliph Emberwilde Djinn Energy Bolt Energy Vortex Enfeeblement Enlightened Tutor Ersatz Gnomes Ether Well Ethereal Champion Fallow Earth Favorable Destiny Femeref Archers
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