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Accorder Paladin Ardent Recruit Banishment Decree Black Sun's Zenith Bladed Sentinel Blightsteel Colossus Blightwidow Blisterstick Shaman Blue Sun's Zenith Bonehoard Brass Squire Burn the Impure Caustic Hound Choking Fumes Concussive Bolt Consecrated Sphinx Contested War Zone Copper Carapace Core Prowler Corrupted Conscience Creeping Corrosion Crush Cryptoplasm Darksteel Plate Decimator Web Distant Memories Divine Offering Dross Ripper Fangren Marauder Flayer Husk Flensermite Flesh-Eater Imp Forest Frantic Salvage Fuel for the Cause Galvanoth Glissa, the Traitor Glissa's Courier Gnathosaur Go for the Throat Goblin Wardriver Gore Vassal Green Sun's Zenith Gruesome Encore Gust-Skimmer Hellkite Igniter Hero of Bladehold Hero of Oxid Ridge Hexplate Golem Horrifying Revelation Ichor Wellspring Inkmoth Nexus Into the Core Island Kemba's Legion Knowledge Pool Koth's Courier Kuldotha Flamefiend Kuldotha Ringleader Lead the Stampede Leonin Relic-Warder Leonin Skyhunter Loxodon Partisan Lumengrid Gargoyle Magnetic Mine Massacre Wurm Master's Call Melira's Keepers Metallic Mastery Mirran Crusader Mirran Mettle Mirran Spy Mirrorworks Mitotic Manipulation Morbid Plunder Mortarpod Mountain Myr Sire Myr Turbine Myr Welder Nested Ghoul Neurok Commando Oculus Ogre Resister Peace Strider Phyresis Phyrexian Crusader Phyrexian Digester Phyrexian Hydra Phyrexian Juggernaut Phyrexian Rager Phyrexian Rebirth Phyrexian Revoker Phyrexian Vatmother Pierce Strider Piston Sledge Pistus Strike Plague Myr Plaguemaw Beast Plains

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