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Abomination of Gudul Abzan Guide Ainok Tracker Ashcloud Phoenix Canyon Lurkers Dragon's Eye Savants Efreet Weaponmaster Glacial Stalker Grim Haruspex Hooded Hydra Horde Ambusher Icefeather Aven Jeering Instigator Kheru Spellsnatcher Kin-Tree Warden Krumar Bond-Kin Master of Pearls Mistfire Weaver Monastery Flock Mystic of the Hidden Way Pine Walker Ponyback Brigade Rattleclaw Mystic Ruthless Ripper Sage-Eye Harrier Sagu Archer Sagu Mauler Sidisi's Pet Snowhorn Rider Temur Charger Thousand Winds War Behemoth Watcher of the Roost Witness of the Ages Woolly Loxodon
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