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Adaptive Automaton An-Zerrin Ruins Arcane Adaptation Ashes of the Fallen Barbarian Guides Belbe's Portal Blood Oath Bloodline Shaman Brass Herald Caller of the Hunt Callous Oppressor Cavern of Souls Circle of Solace Cloud Key Confusion in the Ranks Conspiracy Coordinated Barrage Cover of Darkness Distant Melody Doom Cannon Door of Destinies Drana, the Last Bloodchief Elvish Soultiller Engineered Plague Etchings of the Chosen Fertile Imagination Grave Sifter Harsh Mercy Herald's Horn Icon of Ancestry Imagecrafter Kindred Boon Kindred Charge Kindred Discovery Kindred Dominance Kindred Summons Liliana, Dreadhorde General Luminescent Rain Metallic Mimic Mirror of the Forebears Mistform Mutant Mistform Wakecaster Molten Echoes Morophon, the Boundless Obelisk of Urd Outbreak Pack's Disdain Patriarch's Bidding Peer Pressure Pillar of Origins Plague Engineer Radiant Destiny Return from Extinction Riders of Gavony Riptide Replicator Riptide Shapeshifter Rite of Ruin Rivals' Duel Roar of the Crowd Saheeli's Artistry Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII Shared Triumph Species Specialist Standardize Steely Resolve Storage Matrix Teferi's Realm Traveler's Cloak Trickery Charm Tsabo's Decree Turnabout Unclaimed Territory Unnatural Selection Urza's Incubator Vanquisher's Banner Vigean Intuition Volrath's Laboratory Winding Way Xenograft