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Air Servant Annoyed Altisaur Artful Maneuver Aura Gnarlid Aven Courier Baleful Beholder Bane of Progress Bazaar Krovod Blade of the Sixth Pride Bloodrage Brawler Bloodscale Prowler Boltbender Bramble Wurm Broken Wings Caves of Koilos Champion's Drake Charnelhoard Wurm Commune with Nature Contaminant Grafter Corpse Churn Daybreak Chimera Doomed Traveler Dormant Sliver Dragon-Scarred Bear Dreadship Reef Dregscape Zombie Ebondeath, Dracolich Engineered Explosives Enraged Ceratok Excavation Mole Extraplanar Lens Fell Stinger Forest Frost Raptor Frostwalla Gale Force Ghalta, Stampede Tyrant Ghostly Prison Ghoulcaller's Bell Giant Badger Glimmervoid Glint Raker Gloomhunter Glowspore Shaman Gnostro, Voice of the Crags Goblin Balloon Brigade Gorgon Flail Graf Mole Gristleback Grixis Charm Grizzled Leotau Hollowhenge Spirit Honey Mammoth Howl of the Night Pack Hunt the Weak Imperiosaur Itzquinth, Firstborn of Gishath Kird Chieftain Konda's Hatamoto Korozda Monitor Lathnu Hellion Leechridden Swamp Locthwain Lancer Looming Altisaur Mage Slayer Mammoth Spider Marrow Chomper Melancholy Messenger Jays Might of Old Krosa Mindeye Drake Mischievous Quanar Monstrify Moonrager's Slash Mortician Beetle Oaken Siren Offalsnout Ominous Sphinx Oran-Rief Recluse Panicked Altisaur Plains Precursor Golem Pyreheart Wolf Rampaging Brontodon Read the Bones Salvager of Secrets Sandstone Warrior Sanity Grinding Scurrid Colony Seachrome Coast Somnomancer Song of the Dryads Soul-Guide Lantern Spirit of the Aldergard Splatter Goblin Sporecap Spider Squall Line Stoneshock Giant Sun-Crested Pterodon Surge Node
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