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An Offer You Can't Refuse Analyze the Pollen Ancestors' Aid Anchor to Reality Ancient Cornucopia Arbalest Engineers Archangel Elspeth Archmage's Newt Argothian Opportunist Armored Scrapgorger Automated Artificer Awakened Skyclave Axgard Artisan Balduvian Atrocity Bandit's Haul Barracks of the Thousand Battery Bearer Behind the Mask Big Score Bite Down on Crime Blast Zone Blighted Burgeoning Blossom-Clad Werewolf Branch of Vitu-Ghazi Bucolic Ranch Buried in the Garden Buried Treasure Buy Your Silence Call a Surprise Witness Captivating Cave Careening Mine Cart Caustic Bronco Cavern of Souls Chandra, Dressed to Kill Chandra, Hope's Beacon Citanul Stalwart Collector's Vault Conduit Pylons Cormela, Glamour Thief Courier's Briefcase Cradle Clearcutter Crimestopper Sprite Crossroads Candleguide Cryptex Crystal Grotto Dawnhart Rejuvenator Deadly Dancer Deadly Derision Deathbloom Gardener Deathbloom Ritualist Defiler of Dreams Defiler of Faith Defiler of Flesh Defiler of Instinct Defiler of Vigor Diamond Pick-Axe Discerning Financier Edgewall Inn Energy Refractor Excavation Explosion Exhibition Magician Extract a Confession Fabrication Foundry Fake Your Own Death Fallaji Excavation Flick a Coin Flywheel Racer Foreboding Statue Forgotten Monument Forsaken Thresher Founding the Third Path Furnace Reins Gadwick's First Duel Geology Enthusiast Giada, Font of Hope Gilded Pinions Gix's Caress Glittering Stockpile Glittermonger Gold Pan Goldhound Grafted Growth Gravestone Strider Great Desert Prospector Greedy Freebooter Gwenna, Eyes of Gaea Hall of Tagsin Halo Scarab Hardbristle Bandit Hidden Cataract Hidden Courtyard Hidden Necropolis Hidden Nursery Hidden Volcano Hidetsugu Consumes All Honored Heirloom Horned Stoneseeker Hulking Metamorph Inga and Esika Insidious Roots
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