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Academy Loremaster Academy Wall Aclazotz, Deepest Betrayal Acquisition Octopus Aether Channeler Agency Coroner Akki Ronin Akki Scrapchomper All-Seeing Arbiter Alquist Proft, Master Sleuth Ambitious Assault Ancestral Anger Ancestral Reminiscence Anje, Maid of Dishonor Archive Haunt Artistic Refusal Ashiok's Reaper Astral Wingspan Audacity Audience with Trostani Aurelia, the Law Above Auspicious Arrival Aven Heartstabber Awaken the Maelstrom Axiom Engraver Bandit's Haul Barbed Servitor Baron Bertram Graywater Basilica Skullbomb Battery Bearer Battlewing Mystic Beastbond Outcaster Behold the Unspeakable Belligerent Guest Benthic Criminologists Big Score Bitter Chill Bitter Reunion Bladebrand Bladecoil Serpent Blood Fountain Blood Pact Blood Petal Celebrant Blood Servitor Bloodcrazed Socialite Bloodsoaked Reveler Bloodtithe Harvester Bloodvial Purveyor Bloody Betrayal Bonny Pall, Clearcutter Borborygmos and Fblthp Boseiju Reaches Skyward Botanical Plaza Boundary Lands Ranger Braided Quipu Braids, Arisen Nightmare Braids's Frightful Return Brass's Tunnel-Grinder Break the Spell Briarbridge Tracker Brokers Charm Cactarantula Caldaia Strongarm Candlestick Candy Trail Canyon Crab Case of the Crimson Pulse Case of the Filched Falcon Case of the Pilfered Proof Case of the Ransacked Lab Case the Joint Cathartic Pyre Catlike Curiosity Cease // Desist (Cease) Ceremonial Knife Chalk Outline Change of Fortune Charming Scoundrel Chart a Course Chill of the Grave Chittering Skitterling Cipherbound Spirit Circuit Mender Cloaked Cadet Cobbled Lancer Cold Case Cracker Collector's Vault Combat Courier Combat Research Combat Thresher Compleat Devotion Consider Consuming Tide Contested Game Ball Corrupted Conviction Corruption of Towashi Cosmic Epiphany Courier's Briefcase Coveted Falcon Cryptex
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