"Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed" (68)

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Abattoir Ghoul Appetite for Brains Barter in Blood Bonds of Faith Butcher Ghoul Butcher's Cleaver Captain of the Mists Cathedral Sanctifier Champion of the Parish Chapel Geist Cobbled Wings Compelling Deterrence Dearly Departed Diregraf Captain Diregraf Ghoul Dismal Backwater Doomed Traveler Dread Return Driver of the Dead Eerie Interlude Elder Cathar Emancipation Angel Falkenrath Noble Fiend Hunter Forbidden Alchemy Gather the Townsfolk Geist of Saint Traft Ghoulraiser Goldnight Redeemer Gravecrawler Gryff Vanguard Harvester of Souls Havengul Runebinder Human Frailty Increasing Devotion Island Makeshift Mauler Mindwrack Demon Mist Raven Moan of the Unhallowed Momentary Blink Moorland Inquisitor Nephalia Smuggler Plains Pore Over the Pages Rebuke Relentless Skaabs Scrapskin Drake Screeching Skaab Seraph Sanctuary Sever the Bloodline Sharpened Pitchfork Slayer of the Wicked Spectral Gateguards Spirit Stitched Drake Swamp Tandem Lookout Thraben Heretic Tooth Collector Topplegeist Tower Geist Tranquil Cove Tribute to Hunger Unbreathing Horde Victim of Night Village Bell-Ringer Voice of the Provinces

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