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Abandoned Sarcophagus Abrade Accursed Horde Act of Heroism Adorned Pouncer Aerial Guide Ambuscade Ammit Eternal Angel of Condemnation Angel of the God-Pharaoh Apocalypse Demon Appeal // Authority (Appeal) Appeal // Authority (Authority) Aven of Enduring Hope Aven Reedstalker Avid Reclaimer Banewhip Punisher Reason // Believe (Believe) Beneath the Sands Bitterbow Sharpshooters Bloodwater Entity Blur of Blades Bontu's Last Reckoning Brambleweft Behemoth Burning-Fist Minotaur Carrion Screecher Champion of Wits Leave // Chance (Chance) Chandra's Defeat Chaos Maw Cinder Barrens Claim // Fame (Claim) Consign // Oblivion (Consign) Refuse // Cooperate (Cooperate) Countervailing Winds Crash Through Crested Sunmare Crook of Condemnation Crypt of the Eternals Cunning Survivor Dagger of the Worthy Dauntless Aven Defiant Khenra Desert of the Fervent Desert of the Glorified Desert of the Indomitable Desert of the Mindful Desert of the True Desert's Hold Driven // Despair (Despair) Devotee of Strength Disposal Mummy Djeru, With Eyes Open Djeru's Renunciation Doomfall Dreamstealer Driven // Despair (Driven) Dune Diviner Dunes of the Dead Grind // Dust (Dust) Dutiful Servants Earthshaker Khenra Endless Sands Eternal of Harsh Truths Claim // Fame (Fame) Farm // Market (Farm) Feral Prowler Fervent Paincaster Firebrand Archer Forest Fraying Sanity Frilled Sandwalla Frontline Devastator Gideon's Defeat Gift of Strength Gilded Cerodon God-Pharaoh's Faithful God-Pharaoh's Gift Granitic Titan Graven Abomination Grind // Dust (Grind) Grisly Survivor Harrier Naga Hashep Oasis Hazoret's Undying Fury Hollow One Hope Tender Hostile Desert Hour of Devastation Hour of Eternity Hour of Glory Hour of Promise Hour of Revelation Ifnir Deadlands Imaginary Threats Imminent Doom Inferno Jet Ipnu Rivulet Island Jace's Defeat
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