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Absorb Addle Æther Rift (Aether Rift) Aggressive Urge Agonizing Demise Alabaster Leech Alloy Golem Ancient Kavu Ancient Spring Andradite Leech Angel of Mercy Angelic Shield Annihilate Archaeological Dig Ardent Soldier Armadillo Cloak Armored Guardian Artifact Mutation Assault // Battery (Assault) Atalya, Samite Master Aura Mutation Aura Shards Backlash Barrin's Spite Barrin's Unmaking Assault // Battery (Battery) Benalish Emissary Benalish Heralds Benalish Lancer Benalish Trapper Bend or Break Bind Blazing Specter Blind Seer Blinding Light Bloodstone Cameo Blurred Mongoose Bog Initiate Breaking Wave Breath of Darigaaz Callous Giant Canopy Surge Capashen Unicorn Captain Sisay Cauldron Dance Chaotic Strike Charging Troll Chromatic Sphere Cinder Shade Coalition Victory Coastal Tower Collapsing Borders Collective Restraint Cremate Crimson Acolyte Crosis, the Purger Crosis's Attendant Crown of Flames Crusading Knight Crypt Angel Crystal Spray Cursed Flesh Darigaaz, the Igniter Darigaaz's Attendant Death or Glory Defiling Tears Stand // Deliver (Deliver) Desperate Research Devouring Strossus Dismantling Blow Disrupt Distorting Wake Divine Presence Do or Die Drake-Skull Cameo Dream Thrush Dredge Dromar, the Banisher Dromar's Attendant Dueling Grounds Duskwalker Elfhame Palace Elfhame Sanctuary Elvish Champion Empress Galina Essence Leak Exclude Exotic Curse Explosive Growth Fact or Fiction Faerie Squadron Fertile Ground Fight or Flight Firebrand Ranger Fires of Yavimaya Firescreamer Forest Frenzied Tilling Galina's Knight Geothermal Crevice
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