"Khans of Tarkir" (254)

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Abomination of Gudul Abzan Ascendancy Abzan Banner Abzan Battle Priest Abzan Charm Abzan Falconer Abzan Guide Act of Treason Ainok Bond-Kin Ainok Tracker Alabaster Kirin Alpine Grizzly Altar of the Brood Anafenza, the Foremost Ankle Shanker Arc Lightning Archers' Parapet Armament Corps Arrow Storm Ashcloud Phoenix Avalanche Tusker Awaken the Bear Barrage of Boulders Bear's Companion Become Immense Bellowing Saddlebrute Bitter Revelation Blinding Spray Bloodfell Caves Bloodfire Expert Bloodfire Mentor Bloodsoaked Champion Bloodstained Mire Blossoming Sands Brave the Sands Briber's Purse Bring Low Burn Away Butcher of the Horde Cancel Canyon Lurkers Chief of the Edge Chief of the Scale Clever Impersonator Crackling Doom Cranial Archive Crater's Claws Crippling Chill Dazzling Ramparts Dead Drop Death Frenzy Debilitating Injury Defiant Strike Deflecting Palm Despise Dig Through Time Disdainful Stroke Dismal Backwater Disowned Ancestor Dragon Grip Dragon Throne of Tarkir Dragon's Eye Savants Dragonscale Boon Dragon-Style Twins Duneblast Dutiful Return Efreet Weaponmaster Embodiment of Spring Empty the Pits End Hostilities Erase Feat of Resistance Feed the Clan Firehoof Cavalry Flooded Strand Flying Crane Technique Force Away Forest Frontier Bivouac Ghostfire Blade Glacial Stalker Goblinslide Grim Haruspex Gurmag Swiftwing Hardened Scales Heart-Piercer Bow Heir of the Wilds Herald of Anafenza High Sentinels of Arashin Highland Game Highspire Mantis Hooded Hydra Hooting Mandrills Horde Ambusher Hordeling Outburst Howl of the Horde Icefeather Aven Icy Blast Incremental Growth Island
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