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Accursed Spirit Act on Impulse Aegis Angel Aeronaut Tinkerer Ætherspouts (Aetherspouts) Aggressive Mining Ajani Steadfast Ajani's Pridemate Altac Bloodseeker Amphin Pathmage Ancient Silverback Avacyn, Guardian Angel Avarice Amulet Back to Nature Battle Mastery Battlefield Forge Belligerent Sliver Black Cat Blastfire Bolt Blood Host Boonweaver Giant Borderland Marauder Brawler's Plate Bronze Sable Brood Keeper Burning Anger Cancel Carnivorous Moss-Beast Carrion Crow Caustic Tar Caves of Koilos Centaur Courser Chandra, Pyromaster Charging Rhino Chasm Skulker Chief Engineer Child of Night Chord of Calling Chronostutter Circle of Flame Clear a Path Cone of Flame Congregate Constricting Sliver Coral Barrier Covenant of Blood Crippling Blight Crowd's Favor Crucible of Fire Cruel Sadist Darksteel Citadel Dauntless River Marshal Devouring Light Diffusion Sliver Dissipate Divination Divine Favor Divine Verdict Elvish Mystic Encrust Endless Obedience Ensoul Artifact Ephemeral Shields Eternal Thirst Evolving Wilds Feast on the Fallen Feral Incarnation Festergloom First Response Flesh to Dust Forest Forge Devil Foundry Street Denizen Frenzied Goblin Frost Lynx Fugitive Wizard Furnace Whelp Gargoyle Sentinel Garruk, Apex Predator Garruk's Packleader Gather Courage Geist of the Moors Generator Servant Genesis Hydra Glacial Crasher Goblin Kaboomist Goblin Rabblemaster Goblin Roughrider Gravedigger Grindclock Hammerhand Haunted Plate Mail Heat Ray Heliod's Pilgrim Hoarding Dragon Hornet Nest Hornet Queen Hot Soup Hunt the Weak Hunter's Ambush
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