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Arbiter of Knollridge Cloudgoat Ranger Hillcomber Giant Lairwatch Giant Pale Wayfarer Stonehewer Giant Wandering Graybeard Axegrinder Giant Blind-Spot Giant Boldwyr Heavyweights Boldwyr Intimidator Borderland Behemoth Countryside Crusher Cragganwick Cremator Deep-Slumber Titan Furystoke Giant Giant Harbinger Hamletback Goliath Hearthcage Giant Hotheaded Giant Impelled Giant Inescapable Brute Lowland Oaf Lunk Errant Slinking Giant Sunrise Sovereign Thundercloud Shaman Marshdrinker Giant Roughshod Mentor Loamdragger Giant Rosheen Meanderer Valleymaker Brion Stoutarm

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