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Harpoon Sniper Judge of Currents Stonybrook Schoolmaster Veteran of the Depths Wellgabber Apothecary Cache Raiders Cursecatcher Deepchannel Mentor Deeptread Merrow Drowner Initiate Drowner of Secrets Fallowsage Grimoire Thief Ink Dissolver Inkfathom Divers Leech Bonder Merrow Harbinger Merrow Levitator Merrow Reejerey Merrow Wavebreakers Merrow Witsniper Paperfin Rascal Prismwake Merrow Razorfin Abolisher Sage of Fables Sigil Tracer Silvergill Adept Silvergill Douser Stonybrook Angler Stonybrook Banneret Streambed Aquitects Surgespanner Tideshaper Mystic Wake Thrasher Wanderwine Prophets Waterspout Weavers Wilderness Hypnotist Hollowsage Merrow Bonegnawer Puresight Merrow Sygg, River Guide Gravelgill Axeshark Gravelgill Duo Inkfathom Infiltrator Inkfathom Witch Merrow Grimeblotter Sygg, River Cutthroat Wanderbrine Rootcutters Cold-Eyed Selkie Selkie Hedge-Mage Wistful Selkie

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