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Absolver Thrull Basilica Guards Belfry Spirit Benediction of Moons Blind Obedience Dutiful Thrull Graven Dominator Knight of Obligation Shadow Lance Shrieking Grotesque Syndic of Tithes Basilica Screecher Cry of Contrition Crypt Ghast Exhumer Thrull Orzhov Euthanist Ostiary Thrull Pontiff of Blight Revenant Patriarch Seize the Soul Syndicate Enforcer Thrull Parasite Agent of Masks Alms Beast Angel of Despair Beckon Apparition Blind Hunter Blood Baron of Vizkopa Cartel Aristocrat Castigate Conjurer's Ban Crime // Punishment (Crime) Culling Sun Deathpact Angel Debt to the Deathless Debtors' Knell Executioner's Swing Ghost Council of Orzhova Gift of Orzhova High Priest of Penance Immortal Servitude Kingpin's Pet Maw of the Obzedat Merciless Eviction Mortify Mourning Thrull Obzedat, Ghost Council Obzedat's Aid One Thousand Lashes Orzhov Charm Orzhov Guildmage Orzhov Pontiff Pillory of the Sleepless Purge the Profane Hide // Seek (Seek) Sin Collector Souls of the Faultless Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts Teysa, Orzhov Scion Tithe Drinker Treasury Thrull Vizkopa Confessor Vizkopa Guildmage Crime // Punishment (Punishment) Hide // Seek (Hide) Godless Shrine Moratorium Stone Orzhov Basilica Orzhov Cluestone Orzhov Guildgate Orzhov Keyrune Orzhov Signet Orzhova, the Church of Deals

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