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Armory Guard Arrest Avenging Arrow Azorius Arrester Concordia Pegasus Ethereal Armor Eyes in the Skies Fencing Ace Keening Apparition Knightly Valor Rootborn Defenses Selesnya Sentry Seller of Songbirds Sunspire Griffin Swift Justice Trained Caracal Trostani's Judgment Cancel Chronic Flooding Crosstown Courier Dispel Doorkeeper Downsize Inaction Injunction Inspiration Isperia's Skywatch Mizzium Skin Paralyzing Grasp Runewing Stealer of Secrets Syncopate Tower Drake Voidwielder Catacomb Slug Cremate Daggerdrome Imp Dead Reveler Destroy the Evidence Deviant Glee Drainpipe Vermin Grim Roustabout Launch Party Mind Rot Ogre Jailbreaker Perilous Shadow Sewer Shambler Slum Reaper Stab Wound Terrus Wurm Thrill-Kill Assassin Annihilating Fire Batterhorn Bellows Lizard Cobblebrute Dynacharge Electrickery Explosive Impact Gore-House Chainwalker Lobber Crew Pursuit of Flight Splatter Thug Survey the Wreckage Tenement Crasher Traitorous Instinct Viashino Racketeer Aerial Predation Axebane Guardian Axebane Stag Centaur's Herald Chorus of Might Drudge Beetle Druid's Deliverance Gatecreeper Vine Giant Growth Horncaller's Chant Korozda Monitor Rubbleback Rhino Savage Surge Slime Molding Stonefare Crocodile Towering Indrik Urban Burgeoning Dramatic Rescue Hussar Patrol Search Warrant Vassal Soul Chemister's Trick Essence Backlash Frostburn Weird Goblin Electromancer Auger Spree Rakdos Shred-Freak Skull Rend Spawn of Rix Maadi Golgari Longlegs Grisly Salvage Sluiceway Scorpion Trestle Troll Call of the Conclave Centaur Healer