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Akoum Boulderfoot Anaba Shaman Aven Envoy Azorius First-Wing Bathe in Light Beastmaster Ascension Blaze Blood Tribute Bloodrock Cyclops Break Open Brink of Disaster Cabal Inquisitor Caller of Gales Carbonize Carom Centaur Glade Cephalid Pathmage Cephalid Vandal Chromatic Star Clock of Omens Cogwork Tracker Custodi Squire Decimate Decree of Savagery Disarm Discombobulate Disentomb Dream Leash Earthblighter Elvish Hexhunter Festival of the Guildpact Fleshpulper Giant Flickering Spirit Gelid Shackles General's Kabuto Giant's Ire Gigadrowse Goblin Artillery Govern the Guildless Grafted Wargear Gravestorm Guided Passage Hallow Herald of Leshrac Incite Rebellion Incite War Jackal Familiar Kami of the Hunt Keldon Marauders Kill-Suit Cultist Kor Dirge Lifeblood Hydra Malevolent Awakening Mark of Sakiko Martyred Rusalka Mephitic Ooze Merrow Wavebreakers Millikin Mindmoil Mire's Toll Myr Incubator Nantuko Vigilante Necrogen Mists Neko-Te Nessian Asp Nip Gwyllion Noble Templar Noggle Ransacker Offalsnout Oppression Orochi Hatchery Overwhelming Intellect Pennon Blade Plagued Rusalka Possessed Centaur Primal Frenzy Psychotic Haze Quicksilver Dagger Reweave Scarred Vinebreeder Scroll Thief Seeker of Skybreak Shifting Borders Shriveling Rot Silhana Starfletcher Skirk Drill Sergeant Smogsteed Rider Soratami Mindsweeper Stomping Slabs Swamp Tel-Jilad Justice Tomb of Urami Tornado Elemental Trained Condor Trained Orgg True Believer Unquestioned Authority Vengeful Dead Viashino Fangtail Vigean Intuition

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