"Howard Lyon" (104)

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Vivid Grove
Vivid Grove (0)

Vivid Grove enters the battlefield tapped with two charge counters on it.

Tap: Add Green.

Tap, Remove a charge counter from Vivid Grove: Add one mana of any color.

Commander 2017 (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Lorwyn (Uncommon)
Premium Deck Series: Slivers (Uncommon)
Magic: The Gathering-Commander (Uncommon)
Modern Masters (Uncommon)
Commander 2013 Edition (Uncommon)
Commander 2015 (Uncommon)
Commander Anthology (Uncommon)
Wall of Denial
Wall of Denial 1WhiteBlue (3)
Creature — Wall (0/8)

Defender, flying

Shroud (This creature can't be the target of spells or abilities.)

Modern Masters 2017 Edition (Uncommon)
Other Versions
Alara Reborn (Uncommon)
Magic: The Gathering-Commander (Uncommon)
Duel Decks: Venser vs. Koth (Uncommon)
Warden of the Eye
Warden of the Eye 2BlueRedWhite (5)
Creature — Djinn Wizard (3/3)

When Warden of the Eye enters the battlefield, return target noncreature, nonland card from your graveyard to your hand.

Khans of Tarkir (Uncommon)
Winds of Qal Sisma
Winds of Qal Sisma 1Green (2)

Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn.

Ferocious — If you control a creature with power 4 or greater, instead prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn by creatures your opponents control.

Fate Reforged (Uncommon)
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