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Vengeful Rebel
Vengeful Rebel 2Black (3)
Creature — Aetherborn Warrior (3/2)

Revolt — When Vengeful Rebel enters the battlefield, if a permanent you controlled left the battlefield this turn, target creature an opponent controls gets -3/-3 until end of turn.

Aether Revolt (Uncommon)
Virtus's Maneuver
Virtus's Maneuver 2Black (3)

For each player, choose friend or foe. Each friend returns a creature card from their graveyard to their hand. Each foe sacrifices a creature they control.

Battlebond (Rare)
Wandering Wolf
Wandering Wolf 1Green (2)
Creature — Wolf (2/1)

Creatures with power less than Wandering Wolf's power can't block it.

Battlebond (Common)
Other Versions
Avacyn Restored (Common)
Wasp of the Bitter End
Wasp of the Bitter End 1Black (2)
Creature — Insect Horror (2/1)


Whenever you cast a Bolas planeswalker spell, you may sacrifice Wasp of the Bitter End. If you do, destroy target creature.

Hour of Devastation (Uncommon)
Whiptongue Hydra
Whiptongue Hydra 5Green (6)
Creature — Lizard Hydra (4/4)


When Whiptongue Hydra enters the battlefield, destroy all creatures with flying. Put a +1/+1 counter on Whiptongue Hydra for each creature destroyed this way.

Commander 2018 (Rare)
Wicked Wolf
Wicked Wolf 2GreenGreen (4)
Creature — Wolf (3/3)

When Wicked Wolf enters the battlefield, it fights up to one target creature you don't control.

Sacrifice a Food: Put a +1/+1 counter on Wicked Wolf. It gains indestructible until end of turn. Tap it.

Throne of Eldraine (Rare)
Withstand Death
Withstand Death Green (1)

Target creature gains indestructible until end of turn. (Damage and effects that say "destroy" don't destroy it. If its toughness is 0 or less, it's still put into its owner's graveyard.)

Scars of Mirrodin (Common)
Woodland Sleuth
Woodland Sleuth 3Green (4)
Creature — Human Scout (2/3)

Morbid — When Woodland Sleuth enters the battlefield, if a creature died this turn, return a creature card at random from your graveyard to your hand.

Innistrad (Common)
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