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Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker Nightmare Unmaking Nissa's Revelation Not of This World Oblivion's Hunger Onyx Mage Panic Attack Paralyzing Grasp Peer into the Abyss Phyresis Phytoburst Pilgrim of the Fires Plague Belcher Plated Seastrider Power Word Kill Protean Raider Protean Thaumaturge Psychatog Pyrophobia Qasali Slingers Radical Idea Raging Swordtooth Razaketh's Rite Reckless Crew Red Elemental Blast Redirect Regress Release the Gremlins Renegade Freighter Repeated Reverberation Resounding Wave Righteous Blow Riku of Two Reflections Rousing Refrain Safehold Duo Sandstone Oracle Sanguine Statuette Sensor Splicer Serum Visions Shamble Back Shardless Agent Sharuum the Hegemon Shifting Ceratops Silverfur Partisan Simic Ascendancy Sky Ruin Drake Smite the Monstrous Soaring Seacliff Soul Reap Soul Snuffers Spawnsire of Ulamog Spikeshot Elder Spirit Mantle Stangg Street Sweeper Sultai Flayer Sure Strike Surly Badgersaur Swift Warkite Tainted Remedy Take Down Telemin Performance Tempered Veteran Thrill of Possibility Thundering Ceratok Tomb Hex Tormenting Voice Tower Geist Triplicate Spirits Triumph of Cruelty Triumph of the Hordes Trueheart Duelist Twisted Image Uncomfortable Chill Unexplained Disappearance Unleash Fury Unlicensed Disintegration Unsummon Vedalken Infiltrator Vedalken Outlander Verdant Sun's Avatar Volcanic Strength War Priest of Thune Wicker Witch Wildfire Devils Winding Constrictor Winged Coatl Witness of the Ages Woeleecher Worldfire Wrecking Beast Wring Flesh Zof Bloodbog Zof Consumption
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