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Mothrider Samurai Necromaster Dragon Neurok Transmuter Noble Hierarch Nyx Herald Oath of Lieges Okiba-Gang Shinobi Oppressive Rays Order of the Golden Cricket Pacifism Pegasus Stampede Pegasus token card Phyrexian Prowler Pious Wayfarer Planar Collapse Ponyback Brigade Pyre Charger Resounding Silence Rhox Ribbon Snake Rod of Ruin Rootborn Defenses Royal Assassin Rukh Egg Satyr Hoplite Scion of Darkness Scurry Oak Selesnya Guildmage Serene Master Serra Angel Shaleskin Bruiser Signal Pest Silent Arbiter Skittering Horror Sneak Attack Sootstoke Kindler Stave Off Suncleanser Sunstrike Legionnaire Sustainer of the Realm Swamp Swooping Talon Sword of Body and Mind Sword of Fire and Ice Sword of Light and Shadow Synod Artificer Tainted Monkey Tangle Hulk Temur Charger Tethmos High Priest Thermal Glider Thundering Giant Titania's Chosen Torch Courier Tortoise Formation Treasury Thrull Triskelavus Utvara Hellkite Vanguard of Brimaz Vedalken Shackles Voice of Duty Voice of Law Vorosh, the Hunter Waveskimmer Aven Wingmate Roc Worship Wren's Run Packmaster Zedruu the Greathearted Zerapa Minotaur
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