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Punish the Enemy Radiant Flames Rafter Demon Raging Poltergeist Rakdos Firewheeler Raking Claws Raptor Companion Realmwright Reckless Rage Relic Robber Riot Control River Sneak Ruin Processor Rummaging Goblin Sage of Ancient Lore Salvage Drone Sandwurm Convergence Savage Ventmaw Screamreach Brawler Screeching Bat Selfless Cathar Shrewd Negotiation Sifter of Skulls Silence the Believers Silent Sentinel Sinuous Predator Skirk Commando Skirk Prospector Skirsdag Cultist Skycat Sovereign Skyship Plunderer Sluiceway Scorpion Smashing Success Speedway Fanatic Sphere of Safety Sphinx's Revelation Sphinx's Tutelage Sporeweb Weaver Stalking Drone Stalking Vampire Stormbreath Dragon Swamp Swordwise Centaur Tattered Mummy Tectonic Giant Tidal Courier Titan's Presence Tithe Drinker Torrent Sculptor Triskaidekaphile Ulrich of the Krallenhorde Ulrich, Uncontested Alpha Undead Gladiator Unstable Mutation Vastwood Hydra Vault Robber Viashino Racketeer Vildin-Pack Alpha Vorapede Warchief Giant Werewolf of Ancient Hunger Whelming Wave Wight Wild Defiance Wildfire Cerberus Windrider Wizard Wing Shredder Zegana, Utopian Speaker
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