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Grounded Gryff Vanguard Guise of Fire Hanweir Lancer Harvester of Souls Haunted Guardian Havengul Skaab Havengul Vampire Heirs of Stromkirk Herald of War Holy Justiciar Homicidal Seclusion Hound of Griselbrand Howlgeist Human Frailty Hunted Ghoul Infinite Reflection Into the Void Island Joint Assault Kessig Malcontents Killing Wave Kruin Striker Lair Delve Latch Seeker Leap of Faith Lightning Mauler Lightning Prowess Lone Revenant Lunar Mystic Maalfeld Twins Mad Prophet Malicious Intent Malignus Marrow Bats Mass Appeal Mental Agony Midnight Duelist Midvast Protector Mist Raven Misthollow Griffin Moonlight Geist Moonsilver Spear Moorland Inquisitor Mountain Narstad Scrapper Natural End Nearheath Pilgrim Necrobite Nephalia Smuggler Nettle Swine Nightshade Peddler Otherworld Atlas Outwit Pathbreaker Wurm Peel from Reality Pillar of Flame Plains Polluted Dead Predator's Gambit Primal Surge Raging Poltergeist Rain of Thorns Reforge the Soul Renegade Demon Restoration Angel Revenge of the Hunted Riders of Gavony Righteous Blow Riot Ringleader Rite of Ruin Rotcrown Ghoul Rush of Blood Scalding Devil Scrapskin Drake Scroll of Avacyn Scroll of Griselbrand Searchlight Geist Second Guess Seraph of Dawn Seraph Sanctuary Sheltering Word Sigarda, Host of Herons Silverblade Paladin Slayers' Stronghold Snare the Skies Somberwald Sage Somberwald Vigilante Soul of the Harvest Soulcage Fiend Spectral Gateguards Spectral Prison Spirit Away Stern Mentor Stolen Goods Stonewright Swamp Tamiyo, the Moon Sage Tandem Lookout Temporal Mastery
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