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Righteous Aura Rise // Fall (Rise) Rocket Launcher Rofellos's Gift Ronin Warclub Royal Decree Sadistic Glee Sage of Lat-Nam Sakura-Tribe Springcaller Sangrophage Sanity Gnawers Saprazzan Breaker Scar Scrounge Scuzzback Marauders Searing Flesh Seismic Mage Serra Paladin Shadow Rider Shauku, Endbringer Sheltering Ancient Shinka Gatekeeper Sift Simian Grunts Skirk Marauder Skittish Kavu Skyhunter Cub Slaughter Sluggishness Smash Smash to Smithereens Songs of the Damned Spark Fiend Spark Spray Spectral Sliver Spelljack Spin Engine Spined Thopter Spiritual Visit Spoils of War Stinkdrinker Daredevil Stonewood Invocation Storm Spirit Survival of the Fittest Swamp Sylvan Safekeeper Syncopate Tahngarth's Glare Talruum Champion Talruum Minotaur Talruum Piper Tanglewalker Tears of Rage Tendrils of Agony The Abyss Thelon's Curse Thoughtpicker Witch Thran War Machine Threaten Tidings Time Warp Touch of Darkness Tremor Uphill Battle Urborg Shambler Urza's Incubator Viashino Sandswimmer Vitalize Voice of the Woods Vulshok Berserker Vulshok War Boar Wall of Lava Wall of Shadows Wandering Mage Ward Sliver Windfall Wrench Mind Yawgmoth Demon Zombie Assassin Zur the Enchanter Zzzyxas's Abyss
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