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Thud Treacherous Vampire Triton Cavalry Typhoid Rats Uncontrollable Anger Undying Evil Unforge Unnatural Selection Upheaval Valakut Predator XXValor (Valor) Vampire Hounds Vampiric Link Vedalken Archmage Veteran Armorer Viashino Shanktail Vicious Kavu Villagers of Estwald Viridian Zealot Visara the Dreadful Viseling Void Volrath the Fallen Volrath's Stronghold Volunteer Reserves Vulshok Battlemaster Vulturous Aven Wall of Granite Watchwolf Wayward Disciple Weakness Well-Laid Plans Wheel of Fate Whirlpool Warrior Wild Beastmaster Wing Splicer Wingbeat Warrior Witch Engine Wit's End Wizened Cenn Wrath of God Zephyr Sprite Zombie Musher Zombified
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