+"Magic 2015 Core Set", +!W, +!U, +!B (133)

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Act on Impulse Aggressive Mining Altac Bloodseeker Belligerent Sliver Blastfire Bolt Borderland Marauder Brood Keeper Burning Anger Chandra, Pyromaster Circle of Flame Clear a Path Cone of Flame Crowd's Favor Crucible of Fire Forge Devil Foundry Street Denizen Frenzied Goblin Generator Servant Goblin Kaboomist Goblin Rabblemaster Goblin Roughrider Hammerhand Heat Ray Hoarding Dragon Inferno Fist Kird Chieftain Krenko's Enforcer Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient Lava Axe Lightning Strike Might Makes Right Miner's Bane Paragon of Fierce Defiance Rummaging Goblin Scrapyard Mongrel Shrapnel Blast Siege Dragon Soul of Shandalar Stoke the Flames Thundering Giant Torch Fiend Wall of Fire Ancient Silverback Back to Nature Carnivorous Moss-Beast Charging Rhino Chord of Calling Elvish Mystic Feral Incarnation Gather Courage Genesis Hydra Hornet Nest Hornet Queen Hunt the Weak Hunter's Ambush Invasive Species Kalonian Twingrove Life's Legacy Living Totem Naturalize Netcaster Spider Nissa, Worldwaker Nissa's Expedition Overwhelm Paragon of Eternal Wilds Phytotitan Plummet Ranger's Guile Reclamation Sage Restock Roaring Primadox Runeclaw Bear Satyr Wayfinder Shaman of Spring Siege Wurm Soul of Zendikar Sunblade Elf Titanic Growth Undergrowth Scavenger Venom Sliver Verdant Haven Vineweft Wall of Mulch Yisan, the Wanderer Bard Avarice Amulet Brawler's Plate Bronze Sable The Chain Veil Gargoyle Sentinel Grindclock Haunted Plate Mail Hot Soup Juggernaut Meteorite Obelisk of Urd Ornithopter Perilous Vault Phyrexian Revoker Profane Memento Rogue's Gloves