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Admonition Angel Apex Hawks Archon of Redemption Battle Hurda Fledgling Griffin Guardian Zendikon Hada Freeblade Iona's Judgment Join the Ranks Kitesail Apprentice Kor Firewalker Lightkeeper of Emeria Loam Lion Marsh Threader Marshal's Anthem Perimeter Captain Refraction Trap Rest for the Weary Ruin Ghost Stoneforge Mystic Talus Paladin Terra Eternal Veteran's Reflexes Aether Tradewinds Calcite Snapper Dispel Enclave Elite Goliath Sphinx Halimar Excavator Horizon Drake Jace, the Mind Sculptor Jwari Shapeshifter Mysteries of the Deep Permafrost Trap Quest for Ula's Temple Sejiri Merfolk Selective Memory Spell Contortion Surrakar Banisher Thada Adel, Acquisitor Tideforce Elemental Treasure Hunt Twitch Vapor Snare Voyager Drake Wind Zendikon Abyssal Persecutor Agadeem Occultist Anowon, the Ruin Sage Bloodhusk Ritualist Bojuka Brigand Brink of Disaster Butcher of Malakir Caustic Crawler Corrupted Zendikon Dead Reckoning Death's Shadow Jagwasp Swarm Kalastria Highborn Mire's Toll Nemesis Trap Pulse Tracker Quag Vampires Quest for the Nihil Stone Ruthless Cullblade Scrib Nibblers Shoreline Salvager Smother Tomb Hex Urge to Feed Akoum Battlesinger Bazaar Trader Bull Rush Chain Reaction Claws of Valakut Comet Storm Cosi's Ravager Crusher Zendikon Cunning Sparkmage Deathforge Shaman Dragonmaster Outcast Goblin Roughrider Grotag Thrasher Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs Mordant Dragon Quest for the Goblin Lord Ricochet Trap Roiling Terrain Rumbling Aftershocks Searing Blaze Skitter of Lizards Slavering Nulls Stone Idol Trap Tuktuk Scrapper Arbor Elf Avenger of Zendikar Bestial Menace Canopy Cover Explore Feral Contest

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