"Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska" (76)

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Jace, Architect of Thought Chronomaton Jace's Phantasm Phantasmal Bear Æther Figment (Aether Figment) Crosstown Courier Dream Stalker Krovikan Mist Merfolk Wayfinder Sea Gate Oracle Stealer of Secrets Æther Adept (Aether Adept) Archaeomancer Phantasmal Dragon Body Double Leyline Phantom Aeon Chronicler Riftwing Cloudskate Jace's Mindseeker Errant Ephemeron Thought Scour Agoraphobia Into the Roil Memory Lapse Prohibit Remand Claustrophobia Griptide Ray of Command Control Magic Summoner's Bane Jace's Ingenuity Future Sight Spelltwine Dread Statuary Halimar Depths Island Vraska the Unseen Pulse Tracker Shadow Alley Denizen Tavern Swindler Wight of Precinct Six Death-Hood Cobra Gatecreeper Vine River Boa Vinelasher Kudzu Putrid Leech Sadistic Augermage Slate Street Ruffian Oran-Rief Recluse Spawnwrithe Stonefare Crocodile Ohran Viper Corpse Traders Festerhide Boar Mold Shambler Highway Robber Nekrataal Reaper of the Wilds Acidic Slime Drooling Groodion Tragic Slip Hypnotic Cloud Night's Whisper Marsh Casualties Treasured Find Last Kiss Stab Wound Underworld Connections Consume Strength Grisly Spectacle Golgari Guildgate Rogue's Passage Tainted Wood Swamp Forest

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